POS System


Experience the power of having a one-stop POS solution for all your enterprise needs. Empower your business with an inexpensive, efficient systems that results in improved productivity of your day to day operations.

Easy and user-friendly software

Enjoy the benefits of our simple, yet interactive systems that can transform even your tablets and smartphones into a fully integrated POS system.

Leverage existing hardware

Our payment solutions are designed to integrate with your hardware, so that your transition to our system is hassle free.

24/7 support

Our dedicated support team is always available to answer all your queries and provide you with around the clock assistance.

Quickly make wise decisions

Differentiate your business by adopting in the newest trends in business and increase your sales by having your reports accessible in a single location.

No more hassle repeating tasks

All updates ranging from products to discounts can be done at your fingertips instantaneously so that you never have to worry about syncing information.

Remove the guessing game from your operations
All sales and projections are done with our smart POS systems and you’ll never have to do estimations going forward.

There is indeed an abundance of choices of POS solutions available in the market, but Amber Pay can provide the best POS solutions to help you make informed decisions about the solutions that can best assist in optimizing your operations. We aim to build platforms that boasts scalability, flexibility, user-friendliness and security to users.

Amber Pay POS solutions has the following features:

Sales Reporting

Records and analyses data to help make resourceful business decisions.

Customer Management

Aggregates important customer details that helps service them better.

Inventory Management

Maintains records of the quantity of stock and send notifications when to re-order.

Employee Management

Manages employee’s hours, schedules and payroll. It helps with accountability as well as the organization the office operations.