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Download the Amber Pay app for customers from your App Store or Play Store and complete registration using your mobile phone.

There is no cost to sign up, register or use Amber Pay.

Click on “Resend OTP” to try again. If you still have not received it, click on “Send an OTP via email”, enter your email address and the OTP will be sent to your email instead.

Any smartphone on Android platform with an operating system update not older than version 5.0 and on iOS platform with an update of version 11.0 or later.

Unfortunately, not. To use Amber Pay, you need to have a Visa or MasterCard, NCB Keycard or Midas card. You may also use any other local debit/credit card to pay using the mPOS device at participating merchants.

Yes, you can have multiple Amber Pay accounts, though no more than one Amber Pay account can be associated with each mobile number. Further, having more than one Amber Pay account would mean that your reward points will be collected on different accounts. If you would like to accumulate all your reward points in one place, we recommend using one Amber Pay account connected to one mobile number.

An Amber Pay PIN is a secure code used to secure your transactions and access your Amber Pay app. No employee from a bank or from Amber Pay will ever need to ask you for your PIN online or over the phone. In fact, after you enter your PIN, it is encrypted in the Amber Pay system so that no one from the bank or even with access to your phone will be able to see it. For complete account security, we recommend that you choose your PIN carefully and that you do not share this combination of numbers with anyone.

Your PIN must be a series of 4 numbers. The best PIN to choose is a combination of numbers that no one else can guess. We recommend that you choose a combination that means something to you or is significant but is not publicly available or directly attached to your personal identity.
Simply click on “Forgot PIN” > Logout from your account > Login with your registered phone number or email ID and verify it with an OTP (One Time Password). After that you can change your PIN to any memorable number of your choice.
Your information and account data are stored on our system, not on your phone, which means that it is protected by bank-level security and encryption. Also, to complete your transactions, you must enter a transaction PIN, which should be known only to you. Therefore, even if your phone has been lost or stolen, your information remains secure.
When at the checkout of participating merchants, simply select “Pay by QR Code” in your Amber Pay app. Scan the merchant’s QR code, enter the amount of your purchase and click “Pay”. Enter your transaction PIN to confirm and the payment will be processed. You will receive a text, in-app or email notification confirming your purchase.
A customer does not pay anything to complete a purchase with Amber Pay - the amount you see on the register is always the amount you pay. You can also apply a discount offer or/and redeem your earned points at the moment of purchasing and pay even less!
Simply open your Amber Pay app and search for Partners (merchants) next to you right from the home screen of the app. You can also filter merchants by category of business, by distance, by opening hours and select only those partners who have open offers.
If your saved card(s) in the Amber Pay app does/do not have enough funds for your purchase, you can save another card in your app, or use any card to pay through mPOS at merchants where this option is available.
Debit/credit cards can be lost, copied or stolen without your knowledge while Amber Pay eliminates the need to carry around your cards. Using Amber Pay is also more convenient as it is available 24 hours a day to anyone with a mobile phone, and makes spending, saving, and managing money easier and more secure.
When you request a refund from any merchant, you are often asked to provide your original receipt. Amber Pay makes this easy with in-App eReceipts. Simply share the authentication code from your in-app Invoice, text or email notification with the merchant, which will be used to process your refund. Once done, you will receive an eReceipt notification confirming that the refund was processed successfully. Remember: just like paying with cards or cash, Amber Pay refunds may vary based on the merchant's return policy.
Amber Pay Rewards Program allows partners (merchants) to create real time offers and discounts for customers. Also, customers are guaranteed reward points from every purchase. You can manage these rewards or track points and discounts from the Amber Pay app or website, and you can redeem your reward points at any participating merchant, regardless of where you collected them.
You can redeem your reward points at any participating merchant, regardless of where you collected them. Simply open your Amber Pay app and look for available offers right from the home screen of the app. You can also locate merchants with offers on the map. Use the filter to locate the closest ones, those who are currently open or select only those merchants who currently have offers.
Simply click on the “Gifts” icon on the Home Screen of the Amber Pay app and choose the gift you would like to purchase. Once selected, click pay. After the transaction is completed, you will be offered the option to share this gift via any messenger, social media or email. When the intended receiver gets the Gift icon, he/she can open it and get the instructions on how and where to collect the gift.

Download the Amber Pay app for merchants from your AppStore or Play Store and complete registration using your NCB MID (merchant ID). If you are not an NCB merchant, you can open a new account at any time.

You can also use the Demo access to experience of the app before signing up.

Any merchant who holds an NCB merchant account. Amber Pay can only be used by currentl NCB merchants. To become an NCB merchant, please open this link: https://www.jncb.com/Business/Merchant-Services/Become-A-Merchant

If you are an existing NCB merchant, simply enter your MID (Merchant ID) and your bank account number as a part of your registration. Your account will be linked automatically to Amber Pay. If you are not a current NCB customer, you can become one by clicking “Become a merchant”.

Simply click on “Forgot password” on the login screen and follow the instructions for resetting your password.

You can change passwords for any user you created from your merchant app or merchant portal.Open Settings > Manage Users, choose the user then create a new password.

You need to have your QR code printed and visible to customers. You can download and print your QR code from the menu of your merchant App or merchant portal. The customer will scan your QR code, enter the amount of the purchase and pay through their registered card. You, the merchant will see the payment instantly in your Transaction History.

You can see all your transactions in the Transaction History in your merchant app or merchant portal. You can click “Update” to refresh the data at any time.

Amber Pay automatically transfers funds to your linked bank account within 1-4 business days (the same settling period currently in place for POS systems)

Simply click on “My Offers” in your merchant App or web portal > “Create offer” and complete all the necessary details for your offer. You can also create happy hours and set them for particular days and/or times. Once the offer is created, it will be instantly available to all Amber Pay customers.

Yes, you can. Open “My offers” in your merchant app and click on any of the offers you created. Once clicked, you will see how many people have used the offer. You can also manage the offer from there.

Yes! You can set up different working hours and days from the Settings page on your merchant app or merchant portal. You can even choose multiple working hours in a single day.

Yes, you can. Open Settings from the Menu in your merchant app or web portal and click on “Manage Users”. You can create as many users as you would like to and assign them of two roles: “Admin” or “Cashier”. The “Cashier” role’s is limited to only viewing and processing transactions.

You can open “Reports” in your merchant app web portal and you can see all your sales reports for any period of time, along with different sales trends based on gender, age group or new customers vs returning. You can also see the transaction report with reward points as well as a report on payment method.