Our Vision

We want to provide customers with more secure, convenient payment mechanisms and to give merchants business intelligence to make them more efficient and profitable while building deeper relationships with their customers.

Running a business is hard work.

We believe in arming our customers with the best value-added solutions to guide their strategic objectives, improve operational efficiency and drive positive business outcomes.


Amber Pay is an all-encompassing
solution with three distinct arms.

Amber Pay eStores

Amber Pay e-Stores allows users to create their own e-commerce website that users can build with a few simple steps. e-Stores is backed by a myriad of marketing tools, and a dashboard that gives in-depth analytics to help them grow and scale. Not only is it the most cost-effective e-commerce solution on the market, but it allows small businesses to process payments and have sales sent directly into their local bank accounts.

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Amber Pay App

Amber Pay App is an app-based merchant, customer cash-less, card-less payment solution. This device agnostic solution was designed to give merchants a cost-effective way to collect payments without the need for bulky, often costly POS systems as well as have in-app easy to use marketing tool to create offers. Customers will be benefited with cross-merchants rewards platform, ability to exchange gifts with their loved ones and also track all their expenses and many more features in a single app.

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Our Mission

We want to build innovative payment platforms that not only helps businesses enhance their operations but also improves the quality of life for everyday people.

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