Amber Pay

Amber Pay is Jamaica’s first ever app-based merchant, customer cash-less, card-less payment solution.

It is a device-agnostic app-to-app transaction platform that allows payment processing via a smartphone or a tablet.

In partnership with National Commercial Bank (NCB), which will exclusively and securely process all transactions, Amber Pay allows merchants the opportunity to optimize their sales data, while building stronger relationships with their customer base. End users will be able to experience a secure, convenient alternative to paying for goods and services.

Amber Pay is a subsidiary of Amber Group, a global software corporate that focuses on creating sustainable, socially responsible, disruptive technology solutions that revolutionises the businesses of safety, security and convenience to customers across its markets. For companies, it provides unique, value-added solutions that guide strategic objectives, improve operational efficiency and drive positive business outcomes.

Amber Group also comprises Amber Connect, an innovative technology solution that uses artificial intelligence in vehicle tracking; Amber Innovations, a software development company that creates leading edge, customized innovations for SMEs and large companies alike; Amber Fuels- A fuel payment and administration platform created for gas stations and Amber Aura- Which focuses on smart building automation.


To provide customers with a secure, convenient payment mechanism and merchants with business intelligence that leads to greater efficiency and profitability while building deeper relationships with their customers.


To build a truly innovative payment platform that not only help businesses enhance their business operations but also improves the quality of life for every day people.